Documentation Services

When was the last time you managed to explain your software development process to a non-computer person? Or your brand new hi-tech engineering application to someone who has problems working a toaster? Well every time you acquire a new customer or develop a new product, that's exactly what you have to do. And that requires documentation.
The chances are that your clients will never understand the time and effort required to produce your product: the late nights, the stress and worry, the deadlines. The fact is, they'll just want to use it with the minimum of fuss and effort. So the user manual you supply is essential. Your customers will never see the benefits of your product if they find learning about it hard work.
Tekrite specialises in technical writing for a wide range of industries and disciplines. We provide you with documentation that adds value to your products.
Clear, concise documentation makes your products easy and rewarding to use.
Satisfied customers will buy more products from you when they need them. They will recommend your products to others - word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising.
Good documentation shows it is a planned and complete package. It shows your commitment to helping the user get the most from the product they bought.
A consistent, well-designed look and feel for your documentation raises awareness of your company name.
Good documentation doesn't cost much more than bad documentation (depending on your definition of bad...) but it can bring great rewards.

Tekrite have documented a wide range of applications in the past, from a user manual for a software system, to a comprehensive installation manual for an industrial steam boiler, to a user guide for a domestic sauna shower. Not knowing exactly how your system works is quite often the best starting point for your documentation.
We produce all types of user-support information, from simple quick-start guides to training manuals and comprehensive reference manuals.
Whether you need documentation for a brand new product or need to update your existing manuals, Tekrite can help you get it done the way you want.

Types of Documentation

Here are just some of the solutions we can produce for you:

User manuals

Technical manuals

Support manuals

Training manuals

Reference manuals

Standards and Procedures

Release notes



Assembly instructions

Installation instructions

Quick reference


Document redesign